Man suffering from abnormal to hide in the freezer every summer to survive

WASHINGTON news reporter just lately realized with the Southeast University or college Allied Zhongda Clinic , the hospital neurology mental health facility earlier handled 1 condition involving person which has a unusual your ex over a few years is afraid of summer , resulting in every last summer time , every single day covering within the its polar environment your local library to live .

It can be revealed of which some time prior to 53-year-old dude Liu to the medical center designed for help , based on his very own outline , not many years ago within non-urban life , he’d a couple of heating swing working experience . Since then, he’s also been rather terrified of the summertime , 1 incredibly hot morning as he started palpitation , chest hardness, experiencing covered . As a result, he does not get the job done, the summer time, covering in the vicinity of their home available as one fridge to survive , otherwise there is a sensation of located death .

It’s recognized that like a certain point or circumstance uncommon extreme panic , stress, anxiousness, which often can affect people’s get the job done, review , daily living or even the signs of cultural conversation , termed as a fright neurosis , known as the

Mu Xiaodong psychiatrist , at one time men and women anxiety during the special natural environment , so that you can appropriate medical care, to protect yourself from this expansion on the program , so that the analysis are going to be bad . ( Cui Yuyan )