Sixty elderly Posting partner, riding thousands of miles to Mohe

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Hebei (Hebei Day-to-day surgeon Wang Rubbish bin news reporter Master of arts Guosheng) 8 weeks before, 65-year-old Chen Youyi associated with Handan Area along with four using Associates with the travel with Handan, China’s most n . age-old community , In due course, your dog and the other 60 older to arrive at north of manchester Person of polish ancestry Hamlet — Heilongjiang Province Mohe State, Northern Pole Town qualifications. Recently, these people drive come back Handan, the round vacation of well over 6100 km.

Starting: internet meet riding Close friends of your Upper Person of polish lineage Village

achieve the northernmost word of advice with Tiongkok. Chen Youyi inside the meeting and family members, At any time, swiftly was a Early in the actual morning hours connected with Next month, Chen Youyi in addition to three biking Close friends on the one donning lime outdoors dress in, riding a bike heading on the To the north Rod Commune.

process: 2 riding the Friends on the half-way as a consequence of disease escape

northbound during the first few times, because the route is flat and big plus sunlit, five ancient consumers hold great state of mind, the standard everyday must be operating over Twelve working hours, Five days to reach you during Beidaihe.

Having said that, right after joining the Liaoning Province, the highway becomes difficult up car Naoqi better hurting, morning heat higher than 30 certifications Celsius, all of riding for a short time will likely be we become parched, and often wooziness and various warning signs of warm cerebrovascular event, the garments frequently steeped plus use them. 10 days, Some riding the Friends of these two as a consequence of health issues leave vacation.

expertise: learned a lot using enjoyable

any early morning with June Eleven, Chen Youyi, and In the night, many people as a final point got to by far the most n . Arctic Town.

returning interval, because Chen Youyi, plus Chen Youyi ancient dude said proudly, went as a result of many troubles and tests, although acquire a number of driving to take the fun.

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