The baby was suffering from abnormal body skin as hard as wood

California ( intern news reporter Peng Xiang Tang Jiang Peng Feng Jiajia Bahsettiim Cheng ) (a new pseudonym) , the father checked skinny kid connected with it’s unfortunate . Reported by health professionals, Xiaoqiang got

Xiaoqiang out of Changde Shimen . The mummy, Ms Wong shared with reporters, Xiaoqiang in the labor and birth four week period , when the entire body dermis evolved into progressively hard , specifically liable to sweating . Is One hundred times of start , Xiaoqiang with the upper body into the ankle joint dermis feels like wooden , the possible lack of flexibleness .

Xiaoqiang health care provider Provincial Childrens Infirmary Skin care Teacher Tang Jianping , she actually is also the very first time to find these scenarios . Nowadays, a medical facility could be to Xiaoqiang hypodermic injection of many anti-inflammatory medication to help for the time being decrease the disease advancement .

Microsoft windows. Wong explained :